Not Powered by Fairy Dust

There was a discussion.

My true love wondered if I might like to know how heat pumps actually work.  Apparently there is no fairy dust involved.

He was patient and clear.  Gave me the formula for gasses.  Well, not gasses, but how they react to heat, or pressure, or maybe both.  Apparently a CO2 fire extinguisher doesn’t work by blowing all the air away so the fire suffocates.  Instead it makes the fire cold.  Or something.  It works the same way a refrigerator works.  In that a compressed gas uncompressed and gets cold.  Or the other way.

Anyway at the end of the very patient explanation I still don’t understand how heat pumps work.  Or refrigerators.  Or sewing machines.  Which don’t use pressurized gasses, but seriously, how do they work?  When I try and imagine how all those little grooves and bits underneath the pressure foot combine with the thread from above and make stitches, it just makes my head hurt.

Don’t get me started on zippers.

At the end of the explanation we agreed that there is no fairy dust.  And no storybook elves.  That would be silly.  Nope, it’s ninja elves powering the heat pump and the refrigerator.

My true love is going to make a sign to hang over the compressor “Powered by Ninja Elves.”

It’s very environmental.


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Just your average solar powered, hybrid driving, organic eating, happily married, pro-choice, feminist Christian artist and writer from San Francisco.

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