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Even my dad thinks it looks like I’m applying for a position as Imperial Stormtrooper.

I’m feeling oh so fabulous and fashionable right now.

I have a boot problem – which normally refers to the fact that I own to many pairs of boots (which might not seem insanely over the top, even though I have six pairs, if four of them weren’t black.  Oh, wait, even if they were all different colors, it probably is a sign that I have a problem.  Though in my defense (weak as it is) one pair was bought with the intention of being able to walk easily in the rain.  Which was a great theory, but then I got caught in quite the downpour, and ended up with boots that were oozing water through the leather (so fail)…. and one pair I bought to keep my knees warm while biking in the winter wearing skirts (which admittedly might be the weakest justification of buying expensive over the knee leather boots ever – but? Surprisingly the most amazingly wonderful warm and functional footwear I’ve purchased in years.  More than surpassed all my hopes)

Oh, and the cowboy boots, they were just super cool, and they were purchased at the store that funds The Global Fund For Women [an amazing organization – the founder actually came and met with my Feminist Christian Reading Group, and she is just as amazing as GFW] which is a lame excuse for excessive boots, but as long as you are being a horrible over consuming American, at least a good group is benefiting from my greed.

Wait, what was my point before I started babbling?

Oh, yes, my boot problem.

The current boot problem is new.  And very not fashionable, in the form of a walking cast, aka: my right foot looks like it is trying out for the role of an Imperial Army Stormtrooper.  Oh, also the right foot has a tendon that is having structural failure issues, manifesting in pain and swelling.  So, rah.  Hopefully only five days to go.  But maybe 12.

All of this is just in time for the drive less challenge, which I was getting so excited about.  But instead I’m having my very own ‘drive way more’ extravaganza.  Last night we drove to our friends’ house for dinner.  Five doors down from us.  Because five houses is actually pretty far to hobble at the end of the day.  I suck.

This was also going to be my ‘if I only say positive things life will be better’ experiment week (which I’ve totally blown by reading the news, and calling my beloved at work to explain just how insanely stupid people are, and how we are all screwed).  I’ve been practicing saying things like “But on the bright side I was able to get an appointment with the really great podiatrist the day after I called, and got in to see the best physical therapist in the world three hours later, and I have health insurance, and I don’t have a job where I have to be on my feet even though it hurts, and I have a wonderful husband who is sweet and kind, and I have a wonderful neighbor who when she found out that the sweet husband had a moment of insanity and thought I didn’t want my chocolate easter bunny Aunt J brought me, so he took it to work and gave it away – the wonderful neighbor brought me chocolate bars (and even offered to try carving it into bunny ears so I could bite them off).”

So really, life is good.   On an unrelated -okay, maybe totally related – note, I’ve started reading “The Happiness Project”


Black Eyed Peas. The lucky kind you eat. Not the band.

New Years Day means that tonight we will be going to my parent’s house and eating black-eyed peas.  A food that is supposed to bring us good luck and prosperity in this fresh year.  A quick google (“why are black eyed peas lucky?”) reminds me of what I used to know.  Black-eyed peas, or depending on where you family has journey from – any number of legumes, are lucky because they look like coins.  And cooked greens, which will also be on this evening’s table, look like folded paper money, and so are also a good luck food.  So I will eat them, more out of respect for a family tradition than thinking that filling my tummy with these foods will mean my wallet is filled the rest of the year.

At a party last night there was a brief conversation on what was considered auspicious food or practices for the New Year.  Black-eyed peas and cooked greens were on more than one list, as was fish – since the scales look like money, and certain practices.  Like not doing any cleaning or dumping of trash, because the day sets the tone for the rest of the year, and you don’t want to have a year of hard work and trash.  Or maybe the trash thing is because you don’t want the luck to be thrown out.  Though that last thought I’m lifting directly from a cartoon I saw once, which also had dragons and mythical beasties dashing all over the place causing mischief, so I’m not willing to quote that tradition as a verified.

But it got me to thinking; does how you spend the first day of the New Year really set the tone for the year?  If it does, then New Year’s Eve parties are more than just an excuse to dress up and drink bubbly.  They are a way of starting the year surrounded by people we care about, and who care about us.

My year started in a room full of friends, sitting on the lap of my best friend, who happily is my husband, with a kiss that spanned 2009 and 2010.

Which is a pretty wonderful way to start any year.