Honest, I do think about things other than boots.

Today was hot.  I thought I’d mention because people talking about the weather is so interesting.

Oh, wait, it isn’t.

But I’m mentioning it anyway, because it links to another totally interesting topic, which is of course boots.

The obvious tie in is the fact that I’m still stuck in the Stormtrooper footwear, which is not just an ugly boot, but an ugly boot made of plastic and lined with foam.  So its sweaty warm in there.

But it isn’t like I have a choice.

Unlike the three different women I saw walking around today wearing light and airy summer dresses – and boots. Not ankle boots, full on covered in leather to the knees boots.  Seriously? It was 90 degrees people.  And that wasn’t a surprise, what with it being as hot yesterday. And that whole weather forecast in the news thing.

Yet these three women apparently arose this morning and thought, hmm, sure it is hot out, but what if there is a freak hail storm and my ankles get cold?  Better pull on the boots. I’ll say again, Seriously?

Which leads me to a new, non-boot related thing to start obsessing over. Am I just a middle aged frump who doesn’t understand what is in fashion?  Though, seriously, sweaty feet, ankles and calves on a hot day?  I actually googled boots and sundresses, and got lots of hits on cowboy boots and sundresses.  Which is totally different from what I saw today.  These  boots were of the “going to visit the in-laws in Indiana in March and they haven’t had a day were it has been warmer than the refrigerator in months, which explains why they have lots of snow on the ground” variety.

Which probably means I’m a middle-aged frump who not only doesn’t understand fashion, but also can’t get her act together to do a proper internet search of contemporary styling.  In an ugly stormtrooper boot.

But at least only one of my calves were sweaty in ninety degree heat today.  Which I think means I win.


About woodenmonkey

Just your average solar powered, hybrid driving, organic eating, happily married, pro-choice, feminist Christian artist and writer from San Francisco.

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