Conversation with my mom**

Me:  So I was thinking it would be nice to have grandma’s dumplings at Easter.

Mom:  I thought about making them, but then I remembered that you’ve invited vegetarians.

Me:  They won’t mind.  I always make a couple of kinds of veggies, and I’ll make a lentil dish for them to eat.

Mom:  Well, if you’re sure it will be okay…

Me:  It will be fine.  And I thought I’d make a chicken dish.

Mom:  And ham.

Me:  What?

Mom:  And ham.  You’re going to have ham, right?

Because somehow serving an old family recipe that has chicken broth in it is going to put our friends right off eating, but a big lump of pork isn’t something we have to worry about upsetting vegetarians with…  Plus?  I don’t eat pork.

**Mom isn’t normally crazy.  Well, okay, she sort of is.  But I probably think so because she is my mom.  Other people haven’t mentioned her being crazy.  Of course they could just be being polite.  But really, she is just very very nice.  And likes ham.


About woodenmonkey

Just your average solar powered, hybrid driving, organic eating, happily married, pro-choice, feminist Christian artist and writer from San Francisco.

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