I won’t be running because I’m broken. Also, I’m an idiot.

Official 2011 Logo Gear

Me:  Ooh!  The Bay To Breakers is this Sunday!  We should totally do that!

Husband:  No.

Me:  Oh come on, it will be fun.

Husband:  Seriously?  No.

Me:  I know we haven’t trained for it, but we don’t have to run the whole way.

Husband:  No.

Me:  Okay, we don’t have to run any of it.  We can just walk.

Husband:  Are you insane?

Me:  It’s the 100th one!  We’d be spending the day together outside getting exercise.  Why don’t you want to?

Husband:  Your foot.

The kind of thing you'd think I'd remember


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Just your average solar powered, hybrid driving, organic eating, happily married, pro-choice, feminist Christian artist and writer from San Francisco.

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  1. hahhahahaha!!!

    It probably doesn’t hurt that much, uh!?!

    • Actually it doesn’t hurt that much, this is mostly to keep me from doing more serious damage to my tendons. In fact, now I’ve been freed from the oh so stylish boot. Into almost as stylish flip flops with major arch support (since wearing anything that touches my heel still makes me cry).

      But you’d be embarrassed to be seen with me, so probably good I’m in a different country…

  2. Aw! BTB isn’t that far, and supposedly that was the last one!! Limping might have got you tons of beads… oh wait I think that is mardi gras. hm, confused… Well I bet if you showed them your nipples as you limped the race course, you’d get beads, no matter which city you are in.

    • I do not know how to spell the strangled scream sound I made when I read that this was the last BTB. Happily a quick google showed there is at least one more.

      And having run the BTB in past years, and being unable to walk to the corner without pain now, I’m pretty sure The Husband made the right call. (My brief thought of renting a wheel chair was derailed by The Husband, who hasn’t been running in forever, and was unwilling to sign on as my personal push engine).

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