Not Abducted By Space Aliens

I’ve heard it takes 21 days to develop a new habit.  Or maybe it is just that unfocused people get distracted by shiny objects before three weeks are up, and it is only focused and organized people who make it that long, so people who study these things think 21 is the magic number.

Whatever – I clearly did not make it to 21 straight days of blogging.  If I was in a negative mood I would take this is a sign that I suck, or have ADD or something.  But today I feel that this is just a sign that my life is full of shiny objects, and aren’t I lucky?

Of course not all shiny objects are good.  (Hello foot.  Please stop swelling up. And hurting. Just because you are now swelling in a completely different location doesn’t make it better. In fact it probably is worse.)

In related news – I don’t have gout.  Not that anyone thought I had gout, but now there are blood tests to prove it.  Because it turns out that if you show up at urgent care with a swollen painful foot, they not only x-ray it, but even though the doctor says “I don’t think it is gout, because the joint isn’t painful”  the doctor also says “But as long as you’re here, we’ll do the blood test anyway.”

“As long as you are here” is actually a key statement, because once they take the blood and the x-ray, they bring you back to your surprisingly spacious curtained room and leave you there until the lab results come back.  In clock time this is over two hours.  In perceived reality time it is reading one and a half books (which thank goodness I had with me because the only things to read in the room were the “medical waste” sticker, and the “linens only” sign on the dirty linen bin).  It is draining your reusable water bottle, and realizing that this was a horrible day to skip breakfast, because you are now also skipping lunch.  The two hours? That doesn’t count the time in the waiting room, or in the spacious curtained room waiting for them to take my blood.

But anyway, I don’t have gout.  Or a broken bone.  What I do have is a swollen painful foot that is pissing me off, and no clear diagnosis, therefore no clear “this is how I fix it.”

In my version of efficient multi-tasking, I managed to combine foot injury with a nasty virus that knocked me on my ass for several days with a slight heat wave.  So I spent the last few days either on the sofa or in bed, blowing my nose, off my foot, hiding in the air conditioning. So, three tasks at once.  If you can count appreciating air conditioning as a task, which I have decided it does.

In other related news:  non-drowsy Sudafed?  What ever they changed to make it non drowsy does not work on my beloved husband.  Knocks him out.  Which I envy, because for me it is ultra non-drowsy.  I’m wide awake all day, and almost all of the night.  So during that time where you feel especially crappy and have no functioning brain cells, the time most people fall into a sweaty sleep?  Me, wide awake, bored, unable to focus, and irritable.  So a true joy to be around.  Because the mountain of dirty kleenex and chapped nose weren’t quite enough to keep people away from me, I had to have the addition of super unpleasant and everyone hoping I didn’t somehow manage to arm myself.  Because I was that lovely.


About woodenmonkey

Just your average solar powered, hybrid driving, organic eating, happily married, pro-choice, feminist Christian artist and writer from San Francisco.

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  1. well….
    sometimes a woman just needs a lot of patience….
    Hope you’ll feel better soon.

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