Mai Tias don’t actually heal. Also, I’m not quite sure of the plural for Mai Tai.

My Mai Tia did not come with an umbrella.  I feel cheated.

Sadly, Mai Tais have no magic healing properties.  Happily, they can make you at least feel better for an hour or so.

In other news… you know how I keep complaining about my foot hurting?  How I say it is broken, but not really, it just keeps hurting.  For a couple of months now?

Turns out, it IS broken.

Go figure.

Also – turns out I broke it because the original ‘broken’ foot, which wasn’t really broken, just really messed up – well walking funny because of the ‘boot’ and the pain, that actually broke a bone in a different part of my foot.

So….damn.  Now I’m in a “Shoe”  which at least is black, and goes with more of my outfits.  If I’m lucky I’ll be in the oh so stylish shoe for a month.  If I’m not lucky (and what would the odds of that be?  Oh, wait, with my luck, quite high) I’ll be in it for a couple or three months.  If I’m really not lucky I’ll be in a hard cast where I won’t be able to wiggle my toes, take a shower, or drive a car for one to three months.

So I’m feeling very jazzed right now.

Actually, right now I’m not feeling that bad.  At least I’ve seen a picture of what is actually wrong with me.  And broken bones heal, so I can realistically dream of walking without pain again.  And I have insurance to pay for all of this.

And the Mai Tai is feeling very therapeutic right now…

Sesamoidbone.pngThis is not my sesamoid bone.  Mine is broken.
 But this is what mine would look like
if it wasn’t broken.  Probably.

About woodenmonkey

Just your average solar powered, hybrid driving, organic eating, happily married, pro-choice, feminist Christian artist and writer from San Francisco.

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