A friend offered to go to the memorial service with me.

But I’m not going.

The ex’s death has stirred up a lot of emotions.  Not all of them good.

And reading the comments on the web memorial page are describing someone I never knew.

And, though I cried when I got the news, and wish it wasn’t true, if I’m honest?  A part of me, the part that always knew where his house was, where his office was, the small part of me that still tensed up with the thought of ever bumping into him, the part that knew how ever much I hoped he would move out of the area that he never would, and I was going to spend the rest of my life risking bumping into him?

A part of me…relaxed.


About woodenmonkey

Just your average solar powered, hybrid driving, organic eating, happily married, pro-choice, feminist Christian artist and writer from San Francisco.

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