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Ninety Days To A New Me

I clearly did not create this flow chart. This is the kind of thing I would think of, but never get around to doing. I got it from a website where the blogger said " I’m not sure who originally created this. If it’s yours, let me know and I will give you credit." So ditto that from me...

Years ago a woman I worked with told me that it takes twenty-one days to start (or stop) a habit.  And I believed that three-week number, until just now.  When I read that it takes ninety days to form a new habit.  Which explains why I’ve been so bad at new habits.

Assuming you ignore the fact that I rarely make it to the three-week point.  But lets ignore that and assume this is why I suck at improving my life… that if only I had made it to day ninety on any number of projects that I would be amazing now.

Or at least thinner, with a clean house and a kick ass career.

The only thing I seem to have perfected into a habit is procrastination.  Which, clearly, was never a goal.

Apparently just a life style…


The Nose: Guardian of the lungs

The nose.  Guardian of the lungs.

It humidifies the air we breath to 98% humidity (which, though we complain like mad when the outside is that humid, turns out is really important to our lungs).  It heats it to just below body temperature (also important for healthy lungs).

It acts as a filter for the air we breath, keeping particles as small as pollen grains out of our lungs.

In an adult, 18,000 to 20,000 liters of air pass through the nose each day.

Quite the busy face tool.

Also, there is that whole smelling thing.  Simmering stews, flowers, baking bread.  All things to make me appreciate the sensory world.

But, when you’re in a wheelchair, at the grocery store, turns out your nose is closer to things you’d rather avoid.  I’m not talking produce or even fish counter.  Sadly, I’m talking about my nose is entirely to close to people’s behinds.  And apparently some people aren’t so good at changing their underwear.  (Or apparently, she says cringing, wiping).

So very very tired of the broken feet….