An excitement of squirrels. Or an excited squirrel. Whatever.

We have a very low crime rate in our neighborhood. Now I know why

So I was looking for an image of a squirrel to use for a post on how an excitement of squirrels (and yes I’m linking to myself) was really taking off as a thing people said.  All be it, the people in question were me and my husband, but I don’t get out much, and anyway, when was the last time you came up with a group name for an animal group?  Thought so.  So having an additional person pick it up is huge.  Especially since he doesn’t read my blog. Unless I hand him the laptop and say read this.  Which I might have totally done with the an excitement of squirrels thing.  But whatever.

Anyway, there I was innocently looking for a nice black and white image (because that makes it arty, right?) when I came across this:

"The Paris Hilton of the English countryside’s rodent population."

Apparently this full frontal squirrel was an ambience shot in a show about a British bake-off. Which has caused outrage (and amusement) over the inclusion of the shot on a lovely, family friendly baking show. Apparently it is all over U tube.  And there I was momentarily feeling like I had found some secret squirrel porn.

But I include this as an example of a different meaning of an excitement of squirrels.  Not that he looks that excited.  But the people who saw his definitely had reactions…





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  1. The juxtaposition of these two pictures (which were effective one after the other but the two together..) made me laugh out loud.

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