I’m So Giddy With Happiness I Feel Drunk

If you aren’t a fan of the show Good Eats… well, I have nothing to say to you other than REALLY?  Do you not have access to cable television?  Oh, you don’t.  Um, okay.  But for the rest of you, you are missing out on the best mix of humor and food and science and whimsy EVER.

For those of you who know who I’m talking about… I just met him.  Not like at the grocery store (how cool would that be?) or a party (oh, that would be even cooler!), but at a bookstore, where the husband and I paid $40 a piece, each got a copy of his newest book, and got to listen to him talk for an hour, and then got our books signed.

And I got to sit in the front row.  And for one glorious hour, I did not hate the wheelchair. Because the only tickets we could get were for standing room only.  But the staff cleared a path so I could be in the front row, and even found a seat for the husband two rows back.  I was in the freaking front row for freaking Alton Brown.

I had high expectations for the evening.  And he surpassed them.

I am too giddy do any descriptive justice to seeing Alton, so I’ll just say this: Best Date Ever!


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Just your average solar powered, hybrid driving, organic eating, happily married, pro-choice, feminist Christian artist and writer from San Francisco.

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  1. I’ve gotten preferential seating for my son and I at a Barenaked Ladies (for kids) event at Barnes & Noble. Gotta love it.
    So, is Alton’s book fabulous?

  2. I had a finger oops when I was on the blogess site, and ended up here. I love Alton Brown! I don’t have a TV anymore, but that is one of the shows I miss so much! How is his book?

    • For some unknown and idiot reason I got it in my head that I shouldn’t read the book until after AB had signed it… What was I thinking? I mean I have bookcases full of books that I read before the authors scrawled their names across the cover page. I blame this poor decision, and pretty much every other bone head thing I’ve thought or done these last few months, on the broken feet…

      So I’ve only dip my metaphorical toes into the book, but am enjoying it so far – other than the frustration of wanting to stand up and go try and recipes, and missing the “hardware” for the first step. But I’m plotting a plan of attack for when I’m on my feet again and able to reach the stove.

      At times I’ve thought about giving up cable/tv, but Alton & Good eats were one of the factors that kept that from happening…

      I found out to late that there had been a dinner with AB in SF earlier in the week… even though it was pricy, the husband and I would have been there in a heartbeat if we’d known about it.

  3. Do you think you could use car ramps to get up to stove elevation? That might be dangerous with hot liquids though. Even after your recovery, my vote is that you keep blaming things on your broken feet. To complete strangers. And don’t explain yourself.

    I am completely jealous of your AB access. The “city” I’m in doesn’t get people like AB, or anyone else of note. Actually, for reasons I don’t understand at all, Jerry Seinfeld was here the other night. Most people’s reaction when they heard he was coming was, “Really? Here?” We normally get things like House of Pain and Trooper. I’m not making that up.

    The no TV thing is actually pretty good. Clearly, I have internet access, so I still watch movies, and some shows that I really want to see. I do find I do less mindless watching, but maybe the world was a better place when I was more distracted.

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