The One Where I Talk About A Day In 2011… Because I’m Current Like That

Well, it hasn’t been quite this long…

Remember that time I was reading in bed and suddenly I had a sharp sever pain in my jaw and my back?  And how when I tried to go to sleep an hour later my heart was beating so hard I couldn’t sleep?  And how after several hours of my heart racing so fast it felt like my body was shaking the bed?  And how I finally got the blood pressure cuff out my blood pressure was really high, and my pulse rate was stupid high, and how after hours of this I finally called the nurse advice line to find out if A) I could wait till the local urgent care clinic opened at 8am, or if B) I should drive two towns over and go to the one that opened at 7am, and the nurse was all option C) hang up and call 911 to go to the hospital?

Because, hello?  Heart attack?

And how I woke up my husband and he drove me in (because, hello?  An ambulance seemed sort of overkill at 5:30am when there really isn’t traffic.  And yes, totally stupid, and no, not a good plan, but here I am writing about it, so not my worst decision ever, but don’t try this at home…)

And how if you show up in a wheelchair talking about jaw pain and back pain and elevated pulse and blood pressure you end up rushed in to a room in front of everyone, because it turns out that people stuck in wheelchairs sometimes get blood clots and that is so not a good thing, and it’s all so dramatic and full of blood tests and EKGs and drugs?

And remember how it turned out that I did not have a blood clot, or a heart attack, or anything wrong with me other than a major panic attack, because it turns out months in a wheelchair is super depressing and eventually I hit a breaking point, and this was it?

And how I got anti-anxiety drugs and things have been better since then, but updating this blog seemed less than fun because life kinda sucked even with the drugs?

Good times.

What’s new with you?


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