Monthly Archives: February 2013

I’m being tested for a kangaroo virus… And how was your day?

Insert joke about kangaroo’s carrying the virus in their pouches here.

So I’m on week six of a migraine.  Which is less fun than it sounds.  Various doctors ask me what has helped in the past, and I say “I’ve never had a migraine before.”  Because I haven’t

Today I saw a new doctor, who I liked very much.  MRI(s) ordered, blood drawn.

And, yes, officially one of the things I’m being tested for is the Q virus, which is in fact carried by kangaroos.  Also by cattle, goats, dogs and cat.   Though mostly in New Zealand.  Which is not where I am.  So the odds are low.

But still – officially being tested for a kangaroo virus.  So that’s sort of cool…