Just your average solar-powered, hybrid driving, organic eating, happily married, slightly disabled, pro-choice, feminist Christian artist from San Francisco.

You should follow me.  But just online.  Because in real life that would make you creepy.

  1. Just wondering how your feet are now. I have a fractured tibial sesamoid(nearest inside of foot) that I have been living with for 3 years! I’m considering surgery to have it removed but I’m very concerned about the outcome. I’ve read really scary things from people that have had the surgery and are in more pain now. It’s such a bad injury. I’ve gained weight and I’m tired of not being able to exercise. How limited are you now? I would love to be able to walk 3 miles again like I used to do.

  2. Elise,

    Bugger. I broke on of those (I also broke on of the other ones on the other foot).

    I’m doing much better now.

    Have you had an MRI of your sesamoid to see if it is really still broken? My bones had actually healed a few months before the swelling sent down. The length of time my feet were swollen gave me secondary problems, like scar tissue in my feet (including over the nerves my my sesamoids, which gave me pain that felt like the broken sesamoids) and capsulitious (I have no idea how that is really spelled) in the joints, so they didn’t move well. Plus general stiffness and weakness.

    I’m much much much better. But not great, if we define great as “as good as new” or even “can walk a straight line without thinking about it”

    What kind of doctor are you seeing? Have you been doing PT? Do you have other conditions in addition to the sesamoid bone that could be affecting your healing? Are you flat footed? How did you break your bone? (Still not sure how I broke mine, other than wicked flat feet and walking a whole freaking lot, but that is kind of what feet are for…)

    This has been a painfully long process (both in terms of pain and emotional drain) but I am getting better. I will be better than I am.

    I’m running* off to make dinner** from my folks, but would love to “talk” to you more about this later (*= not running. Still don’t run. But I do walk!!!! **=I couldn’t cook for about a year and a half, but now I can, so IMPROVEMENT!!!)

    Baby steps & hope! – Wooden Monkey

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