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My brain in leaking.

Brain Diagram

Did I forget to mention?

I’m kangaroo virus free (hurrah!).  I still have the migraine (boo!) which is apparently caused by leaking spinal fluid (what word is more negative than “boo”?).

So, technically, my brain isn’t leaking.  Just the stuff holding my brain in position is leaking. Which leads to ouch.

I’ve been told it won’t last longer than six months (As long as six months?  Once again, word more negative than “boo”?  Aside from breaking down into hysterical tears…)  And it is getting better… just slowly.  Crazy slow.  (As in, it is making me crazy…)

To keep this from just being a brief whine, I’m including a vocabulary word:  Dura.

Dura is a thin membrane that surround the brain and spinal cord.  It is responsible for keeping the cerebrospinal fluid in place.  (It apparently looks like, and heals about as quickly as Saran Wrap)

(Why, yes, I do have a small hole in my dura… how clever of you to figure that out…)


Unexpected side effect of two broken feet…

And, no, I’m not pregnant. That ship has sailed.  And hit an ice-burg. And sunk.

I have somehow developed pregnancy nose.  An unfortunate ability to smell things other people can’t.  And not just imaginary things, but real events that other people have forgotten about.
Like, sitting in my sister-in-law’s place, being overwhelmed with the smell of sewage.  Which no one else notice.  And I’m all, really?  No one else wants to run screaming from the room, but can’t because they can’t run because broken feet suck for soooo many reasons?  Because ick.  Just ick.
And after quizzing people when the SIL and her husband aren’t in the room your MIL suddenly remembers that there was an unfortunate sewage back up flooding problem a few months before.  Which, I never heard about. And which, according to my new super and unwanted super power, has lingered in the dry wall.
Really?  Out of all the potential superpowers out there, I get the nose?  Why not invisibility?  Or flying?  Or, in the realm of the possible — how about going for a nice jog through the neighborhood?