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My brain in leaking.

Brain Diagram

Did I forget to mention?

I’m kangaroo virus free (hurrah!).  I still have the migraine (boo!) which is apparently caused by leaking spinal fluid (what word is more negative than “boo”?).

So, technically, my brain isn’t leaking.  Just the stuff holding my brain in position is leaking. Which leads to ouch.

I’ve been told it won’t last longer than six months (As long as six months?  Once again, word more negative than “boo”?  Aside from breaking down into hysterical tears…)  And it is getting better… just slowly.  Crazy slow.  (As in, it is making me crazy…)

To keep this from just being a brief whine, I’m including a vocabulary word:  Dura.

Dura is a thin membrane that surround the brain and spinal cord.  It is responsible for keeping the cerebrospinal fluid in place.  (It apparently looks like, and heals about as quickly as Saran Wrap)

(Why, yes, I do have a small hole in my dura… how clever of you to figure that out…)


The One Where I Blather About Rhinopharyngitis and Bananas

I was feeling sorry for myself for having a bad cold, and missing out on all sorts of fun this week, when two pieces of banana news reminded me that my life is pretty good even with the mucus factory in my head.

Banana Item #1:

Photo: Piping needs work, but should still taste good.

So much better than flowers! 

This is a banana cream tart.  Made by my friend Ann.  Who is going to culinary school.  And who delivered it to my house. Yes, I got to eat her homework.

Banana Item #2:

Banana Flambe.

Not the tasty culinary school kind (Though Ann, if this ends up on the class rotation, I’d love to try that!)  Nope, I’m talking about Banana Boat, the popular beach cologne sunscreen line, is under recall. Because of a what the company is calling “adverse effects” caused by the sprays.

“Adverse Effects” in this case refers to the fact that their product may potentially ignite on the user’s skin if they come into contact with a flame before the spray is completely dry.  Which has happened FIVE times.  So, yeah, recall.

Of course if you read the warning label on their product it says “Flammable: do not use near heat, flame, or while smoking.” The first listed inactive ingredient is denatured alcohol. So it’s always been flammable, they knew it was flammable, and now they are recalling it for be flammable.  Well, not really.  They are recalling it because the spray bottle  shoots out more sunscreen “than is typical in the industry for continuous sun care sprays.” The product takes longer to dry — and remains flammable until it’s completely dry.  And also because, duh, FIVE people caught on fire.

So basically we’ve all being lying in the sun covered in a flammable substance.  Like lighter fluid. Hmm.

vintage 9183 Vogue BATHING SUIT & beach coat sewing pattern (50s) (UNUSED) (sz14/B34)

Might be time to dump the sun screen
and bring back the big hats and cover ups.